Going gluten free

Yes. I am now THAT asshole. After 15 years of living as a vegetarian I am now gluten free too.

Friday I went back to my GP, hoping to get some of my working restrictions lifted so I can go back to my usual job. Not that I haven’t enjoyed my month long vacation in Swimwear. It’s been a nice change of pace. A lot slower and laid back to what I’m used to. I have even destressed enough to start menstruating again. Yay? Also the crying and the nightmares have stopped. As well the stress induced vomiting and diarrhoea. So yes, swimwear has been good for all of me. Not just my shoulder.

But I miss my friends. I miss my Lego. I miss all the shiny new things. I miss interacting with customers that are fully clothed and don’t ask me if these bikini bottoms really lift their butt cheeks.

Doctor agrees I have made progress. My lifting weight limit has been increased from 2kg to 10 kg (though my Physio only wanted it to be 5kg). I am now allowed occasional pushing and pulling and the frequent use of my injured arm. Is this enough to get me back into my old area? I’ll find out on Monday.

Work Cover cert has been extended to the end of Feb. This will get me more of the physio visits I need. On my next visit I’m hoping to move up from yellow band to red.

I have been getting some pain in my shoulder again. Started last Wed. I think it might have been helping with a debit. I picked up no more than I would out of a fitting room but I did carry it further than I usually would. Slept the pain off and was fine for physio the next morning. Pulling more stuff on Thursday for another debit the pain returned. I was annoyed as I’d been making sure to only lift a few items at a time.

Friday I was back at GP for update to Cert. He checked my movement but didn’t ask me about pain. He reiterated about always keeping my shoulder warm and covered. He told me to continue taking the multivitamin. The he told me I should add to that Zinc, Omega 3 and Evening Primrose oil. Some of these are once a day, some are twice, some are three times. I’m going to need one of those old ppl pill boxes to make sure I’m taking the right things at the right time!

And then he told me to cut out wheat……. I never been to med school. And I don’t completely understand what that has to do with my shoulder issue(s). Something about being too young to have such problems for such period of time. My first shoulder injury was my left one back in early 2014. I thought I’d just pulled a muscle. Four days later I couldn’t even breath without horrific pain. My ‘pulled muscle’ was calcification, bursitis and a partially torn tendon. No idea how I managed that last one. You think I’d remember something like that. Still have the occasional physio visit every few months to check on how I’m doing. I’ve accepted it’s never going to be perfect again. But I’m damn close.

My right shoulder I injured Nov 18. This one is thankfully just bursitis. And this one I know I injured at work. By trying to prove once and for all that my left shoulder was now fine and people should stop worrying about me I managed to injure my right one. Irony.

I’ve read up on bursitis. It’s something old(er) people get. Not me. And somehow going gluten free is going to help with this. I’m not a fan of pain. And I’m tired of being damaged. It’s for six months. So I’m willing to give it a try.

Kinda wished I’d waited till after the Doc before picking up some groceries as most of what I’d just bought was now on my no eat list. So came home, cleaned out the pantry and cooked up one last and interesting meal. Starting Saturday morning I am gluten free.


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