Day 1

Saturday dawns. This is it. Day one. Last nights eclectic meal is best forgotten. Let the gluten freeness begin. I am going to do this and I am going to do it right. I’ve set myself the following rules.

  1. I will do my physio every day
  2. I will (eventually) exercise the rest of my body too
  3. I will take the vitamins (even though I don’t believe in them)
  4. I will get better at meal planing and preparation
  5. I will try one new recipe each week
  6. I will not spend the next 6 months eating Lazy Mexican Rice
  7. I will not break when Cloverly do their Peanut Butter Cup as non GF

Seven littles rules. I can do this.

Breakfast is a banana. Cause I need to go shopping. Cause I’m going to get better at meal planning and stuffs. I’ve even picked out my first recipe to try a “Quick and Easy Indian Quinoa Curry“. But first I have a long list of things I’ve ben putting off to get through. On my days off he last place I want to be is at the shops but the list is reaching critical mass. So fortified with nothing but a banana I set off to face the world.

Hungry people are cranky people. Lunch time found me in Coles, having a mini melt down in the cereal aisle because the Doc wrote down I could eat Cornflakes, Rice Bubbles and Oats. But when I look on the packets they all say they contain gluten. Arghh! I was told no wheat, to go gluten free. But then told to eat these gluten containing foods. I’m confused. And hungry. I end up getting a $4 box of gluten fee Freedom Foods Rice Puffs. I’ve never been much of a cereal eater. I had planned to just make banana, strawberry and oat smoothies for breakfast. But the oats have the gluten.

So breakfast is sorted for the week. I’ve been back and forth across the aisles collecting up all the ingredients for the curry. Between the almond milk, three cans of stuff for the curry plus other ingredients and an emergency back up block of tofu the shopping basket is getting heavy and my shoulder is not happy. Seriously doubting my ability to lift 10kgs at work.

Home, groceries away and the last of the Lazy Mexican rice is consumed. Food is good.

Dinner involves quinoa. I’ve never cooked with it before. I’ve meant to. There has been a packet in the cupboard for a few months. Just never go around to it. Effort. I read through the recipe again and again making sure I understand it all. I really don’t cook much. Ever. Rice and stir-fries is about the limit of my culinary talents.

I love my rice cooker. And rather than mess around with the pots on the stove top I decide I’m going to make this curry in the rice cooker. I rinse the quinoa then chuck it and all the pot ingredients into the the rice cooker and set it to go.

Then I start on all the tedious peeling, chopping, dicing and rinsing of the remaining ingredients. Just as well I was still in the kitchen as the curry started bubbling over. That would have been an awful mess. Rice is always set and forget. I know now I’ll have to keep an eye on the curry.

Partway through cooking the vegetables the rice cooker pops as done. Not sure how it tastes but it is smelling really good. The rice cooker is a small one and not big enough to add the cooked vegetables to. The wok I cooked them in is too small to add the curry to. So I dish up the veg into 4 containers (recipes says it feeds four) and add the curry in on top, mixing them together.

Whole process has taken me about an hour. This is why I normally just make rice once a week and then buy my lunch at work. I resent the time it takes to prepare a meal.

But my hour of effort has produced a meal that tastes as good as it smells. It’s gluten free and vegan. I’ve put one portion in the freezer to see how well this dish tastes once thawed. Think I can pad it out with extra spinach and tofu, maybe some cashews or almond slivers and get 5 or maybe 6 meals out of it. Cook more, not more often.

Ended my day with some salted popcorn. And I think maybe this gluten free thing won’t be so hard after all.


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