Day 2

For months now I have been meaning to go to the Northey St Markets. Ever since I found about Raw and Peace I’ve been very muchly wanting to try their cupcakes. But there has always been a reason- work, slept in, raining, not raining, too hot, other plans (i.e. WoW). Today was not that morning either.

I did however have a proper breakfast this morning. I don’t normally do breakfast. I think about it. But never actually get round to eating it. I normally just wait for lunch time. But I have my new gluten free rice bubbles to try out.

Packet says serving size is 35g. A cup size would have been easier as I have lots of measuring cups. No idea why. It’s not like I bake or anything. So I dig out the scales and weight out 35g. And I’m not prepared to do this every morning so I have a look in the cupboard for some small containers. 35g just happens to fit very neatly into some Decor 200ml containers and I have 4 portions of breakfast ready to go. That take me through to Friday, my RDO and I’ll have more time to mess around with things like portioning cereal. During the week I must try to remember to by some more of these containers.


During the week I must also remember to take out a portion of frozen strawberries each evening.

I tried some of the cereal plain and its quite sweet and sugary to my palate. Hopefully after a week of it I won’t notice it too much. Breakfast was served with a cup of almond milk, sliced banana and frozen slices of strawberry. Interesting, but not ideal. But the strawberries did help cover up the taste of the cereal.

Lunch was left over curry. All cold and congealed. I dislike reheating food. To me food always tastes better the next day, eaten out of Tupperware. Think almonds slivers or maybe some green beans would help give it a crunchy textures. Still yummy though.

Dinner was either to be more left over curry or I could cook something new. I found a recipe for Tex Mex Tomato Quinoa I thought I’d try. Look at me Cooking two days in a row and both new recipes. This is not lazy Mexican rice, but it’s much posher cousin. And while this recipe might have been what I set out to make the end result was more inspired by than identical to.

Back to the shops for more ingredients. I need more chopped tomatoes. And cumin. A lot of the recipes I’ve been looking at involve spices I just don’t own. I also grab black beans, zucchini and baby corn.

There is no 1/3 measurement on the jug so half a cup goes in the rice cooker, along with the tin of tomatoes, black beans, garlic, chilli and my newly acquired cumin. Baby corn goes into the fry pan. Then the zucchini and onion. Rice cooker pops up as done but there is a lot of liquid still in the pot. Taste test and it is very tomato. Very tomato. I add in some more cumin, a bit of chill and a lot of garlic. I left it to sit on warm, waiting for more liquid to absorb. Otherwise I’ll have to serve this up with a slotted spoon. A quick rummage through the drawers reveals I don’t actually own such an implement.

End result is okay. Not great. I decide it will make better left overs than my dinner. Besides, I filled up on potato chips earlier.

Proper breakfast, decent lunch, a carrot and potato chips. I’m counting today as a win 🙂


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