Week 2 87.5kg

So I’ve been reading up on gluten free diets. Benefits. Reasons. A few people have mentioned weight loss. I was curious. I weighted myself when I started on day 1. I’ve lost 1.7kg. Which is not much. And mostly due I think to skipping dinner on Friday and not drinking much water. But a loss it is. Interested to see if this continues.

I have a choice this morning between physio or clean hair. Hair wins. I have dry cereal, no fruit. I will buy more milk today.

I pack curry for lunch, along with a banana, apple and some nuts. Work is quiet. I spend most of my time thinking about pizza. I make a deal with myself. if it is raining when I finish I will go home. If it is now I will go for pizza.

It’s dry when I finish work. But by the time I get to the bus it’s raining. I have a choice. Continue onto pizza and get wet, or head home and get wet. Pizza wins.

Gluten free, vegan pizza. Kipfler potato chip. Followed up with vegan, gluten free donuts. Yum. But oh so full.

It’s curious. I was mad on Thursday at having to spend $60 to buy all that food to make meals for the week. But tonight I have cheerfully spent $28 on just one meal.



Day 6 & 7

Well Thursday was a very early start, with Physio at 7:30am before work. Didn’t wake early enough for breakfast. Or to do my exercises, but I figured I’m going to the Physio so it doesn’t matter too much. Breakfast was a carrot on the walk there. Forgot about the vitamins. Afterwards I stopped off to pick up cupcakes. The new delivery wasn’t in so I had an old gluten free one for me and got some Raw ones for everyone else. I know a carrot and a cupcake was not the best breakfast. It wasn’t even a nice cupcake. Stale cake and gritty icing.

Work is still giving out fruit so I snacked on that at tea break. I meant to get a burrito after work. Was really craving spicy. But when work ended I completely forgot and headed straight for the train.

Groceries were needed. I was out of meals. This is the whole planning and preparing thing. Trying to decided in the shop what I was going to make and what I needed to buy. Okay not so much with the planning. $60 later I’m heading home to start cooking.

Dish one is the curry quinoa again. I get mad when I realise I’d forgotten the spinach. I’d picked up green beans to pad it out into an extra meal but forgotten the spinach. But it’s wet and I really can not be bothered going back for it. Then I realise I’ve also forgotten the almond milk. Well it will just have to stay forgotten.

Curry is on the go. I put on rice to make fried rice with. The beans certainly do bulk out the curry. But I can only find 4 of the containers I want for it. What doesn’t fit in them is eaten out of the pot. I pick at veggies while I chop them. I eat a lot of broccoli stalk.

Fried rice is done and portioned up. Then I start on Peanutty Quinoa Bowls with Baked Tofu. I don’t own a whisk. And don’t want to dirty another bowl. I have more than enough to wash up already. So I put all the sauce ingredients in the pot with the quinoa. I steam the broccoli and put it to one side. I do the capsicum, adding in garlic and peanuts and then but the broccoli back in and wait for the quinoa to cook. Then mix them all in together. This is enough for three containers (meals) worth.

I prob should have started marinating the tofu before I staring cooking anything. Meh. I lay it out on a tray and coat one side with sesame oil and tamarin and put it under the grill. When it looks done I pull it out, coat the other side the same and put it back under. Not sure what it is supposed to end up like but the have something that is very tough and solid on the outside and soft in the middle. I like it.

So after 3 hours work I have 11 meals put away. I’ve picked at so much I don’t really feel like dinner. Just as well I bought some popcorn! Who am I kidding. I was always planning on having this for dinner. Physio and vitamins and the washing up all done and I’m done for the day.

Day 7

Day off. Yay. Breakfast is a no go as I forgot to buy the almond milk. So I eat some of the fried rice I made for dinner. Fried rice, puffed rice. Kinda the same thing. I have once again forgotten to take the berries out of the freezer.

Physio, vitamins and the computer games. Yay Friday.

Curry for lunch and then I need a nap. I know it’s a bad idea. I know this. But I do it anyway. I wake up a little after 8pm. And spend most of the night regretting my decision. This week has had 2 naps and 3 early nights. I thought I was supposed to have more energy on a gluten free diet. But I feel so tired.

In recap of the week I have cooked 3 times. I have done my physio every day. I have taken my vitamins. I’ve bought lunch only once. And only 2 of my meals have been potato chips. And one popcorn. Okay those last ones are not so good but I can try better for next week.

Days 3, 4, 5

Day 3 was Monday. And Mondays are always pretty much a Monday, no matter what you’re up to.

Woke up. Straight into physio, then breakfast and vitamins. Feel like I’ve already accomplished so much.

A stinking hot day here. Humidity so high I get out of the shower and just never feel quite dry. Make up is sliding off my face as soon as I put it on. I give up. I’m heading into work early. Need that air con. So I pack me a lunch. I’m not buying one like I normally would. I have leftovers and I’m going to use them. (Question-are they really leftovers if I didn’t eat the original meal?)

So a serve of Tex Mex/Lazy Mexican Quinoa, a chopped up carrot and some roast almonds and raw cashews all go into my little lunch bag. I feel so grown up and all organised.

I eat my quinoa in the air conditioned break room. I follow that up with the nuts. I have some carrot later on my tea break and the rest of the carrot while waiting for the bus home.

Dinner is more quinoa. Followed by a spoon of Fix & Fogg’s Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter cause I was such a good girl and had such a good day today. I even got my funny customer  story for the week.


Day 4

So I went to sleep last night congratulating myself on a job well done. Look at me all organised and eating right. So organised I forgot to take the strawberries out of the freezer. So breakfast is topped with icy cold slices of berry. Not good.

There are things to do today. I have enough leftovers for Tuesday and one meal Wednesday but I’m gonna have to plan and shop and cook for Thursday. I also need to go get my eyebrows done. And it is another hot and humid day. I decide another early trip into work. I can research and plan my meal on the bus, pick up some groceries and then sit in the air con comfort and read my book till my shift starts.

Awesome plan.

Completely undone by me lying down on the bed to read for 15mins before getting ready. I fell asleep. I was only closing my eyes for a moment. Sigh I get more like my mother every day. Woke up just in time for a quick shower before jumping on my regular bus. If I really rushed I could get the earlier one so I could grab groceries before I start.

Quick shower, quicker dress, skipping most of the make up as it’s just gonna slide off my face again. I’m totally making this bus. Then I remember I need lunch. Leftovers out of fridge, pour some nuts into a container, grab a carrot. Carrot need to be washed and chopped and is taking too damn long. I now have just 3 mins to get to the bus. It’s normally a bit late so lets call that 5 mins. I can do 5 mins.

And I can do 5 mins. However the bus can do 4.5 mins and I end up being 10 meters too late for it Bugger. Now it’s a 20min wait of the next one. Which means no shopping. Or I can head to the train. The time spent waiting on the next bus I could spend walking to the train. A train will get me in quicker. Which might mean grocery time.

So off I go. And promptly get passed by a bus going the other way. The train way. It pulls up at the stop in front of me and just sit there. And I think maybe the driver knows I want to get on and it waiting. They’re not. They pull out. I get mad. Mad at myself. Mad at the buses. Mad at the heat. And then another train bound bus sails past me. I give up. The shoes I have on are fine for standing around at work in. But a power walk though the suburbs? Nope. My toe nails ache. I can feel the friction burning on the soles of my feet. What little make up I got on before leaving has not vacated my face. I’m a mess.

I get to the station. In one sweaty, sweaty piece. I’m hungry and have a few mins to eat before the train is due. I pull out the quinoa and the fork. Wait. No I don’t. I forgot the fork. Bugger. Well I will just use the carrot sticks as a weird spoon. Wait. Nope. That won’t work. In my effort to make the bus I didn’t cut the carrots into sticks, I just chopped it into threes. Damn it. Well I can eat the nuts at least. There will be cutlery in the break room (shudder). I make a metal note to swing via the food court and and a plastic fork from somewhere.

Lost in the aircon bliss I read my book, forgetting about the meal planning. I get off the train and I’ve time to grab some groceries. But I didn’t plan anything and I also forget to grab a fork on my way through the food court. Then I have the brilliant idea of some gluten free crackers. I’ll dip eat my lunch. So I grab crackers, chips, cat food and the toothpaste I need. Rushing off to work so I have time to eat before starting. And the crackers work surprisingly well. Look at me and my problem solving skills.

I get home. There is one container of curry in the fridge and one in the freezer. I decide that if I eat the chips for dinner tonight then I will have two meals for Wed. My shift on Thursday has been changed to an early one so if I pack some carrot and nuts I can eat those and then cook when I get in on Thursday. Solid plan.

Expect I’m still hungry after the chips. So I eat the curry. And I’m so full I fall asleep. I’ve not brushed my teeth. Or done my physio. Or taken the rest of the vitamins. But I’m not aware of any of this. Not till the furry alarm clock goes off the next day.

Day 5

So I wake up. Two unplanned sleepages in one day is probably not a good thing. And the dreams I had….. You know how you can sometimes pick out pieces of your real life in teams and then kind of understand what is going on? Well none of that happened to me. And the dreams were all really random.

The first one I remember I was in a big stadium or concert hall and everyone was dressed in blue or red t-shirts. And each section was filled with either blue or red people. There was a few ppl up on a podium giving some sort of speech. Then a section of red people ran down to the floor and started fighting with the blue people there. And I felt bad cause I was a red person and we should behave better than that. But then I was in a different section and wearing a grey t-shirt. I hadn’t noticed any grey people before but everyone there was. And I didn’t understand what was going on. There was a girl trying to explain it to me. And the guy standing behind me was trying to hug me and steal my phone out of my pocket. I hit him and ran off. And someone else followed me and then I was standing on an over pass and I was beating him up.

In another one I was a reporter type person called James. And I was helping out this overly plump blonde girl. And I kinda felt sorry for her. I had to finish up the article I was working on and she had been helping me with it. She didn’t seem to want to leave so I told her there was a good pizza place two doors down and I’d meet her there in 10mins, I just had to finish the article. And dream me was wondering if it was insensitive to send such a fat person for pizza. And she agreed and walked off. And then called out asking if I’d go to prom with her. I said depends on when the date was. And she didn’t answer. So I stuck my head into the street and she was gone.

The last dream I had before waking was me walking across a bridge in town and an Asian lady was coming towards me in a red dress. Dress was high in the front and low in the back. Far too high in the front cause the wind blew I could see she wasn’t wearing any undies. And her garden was in full bloom. I was embarrassed  and wasn’t going to say anything but then I saw someone else notice and pull a face. So I went up to her and quietly told her that I liked her dress but it was a bit short and I could tel she wasn’t wearing any pants. She thanked me for putting it so politely. I told her a few places she could go and buy some. And when I next saw her she was in a $2 shop, wearing jeans and buying snowballs and liquorice.

And that is just the bits I can remember. Not sure if I should blame the heat or the curry or the overfull belly. What ever was the cause it’s the reason I’ve worked up with a furry mouth. Ewww. And it’s also the reason why I’m eating frozen berry slices on my breakfast again. Cause I forgot to take the strawberries out. I also forgot to get the curry out of the freezer so that will probably not have defrosted come dinner time. And there is nothing but carrots, nuts and cucumber for lunch. And half a package of crackers.

New, improved and highly organised me didn’t even last a week.