Week 2 87.5kg

So I’ve been reading up on gluten free diets. Benefits. Reasons. A few people have mentioned weight loss. I was curious. I weighted myself when I started on day 1. I’ve lost 1.7kg. Which is not much. And mostly due I think to skipping dinner on Friday and not drinking much water. But a loss it is. Interested to see if this continues.

I have a choice this morning between physio or clean hair. Hair wins. I have dry cereal, no fruit. I will buy more milk today.

I pack curry for lunch, along with a banana, apple and some nuts. Work is quiet. I spend most of my time thinking about pizza. I make a deal with myself. if it is raining when I finish I will go home. If it is now I will go for pizza.

It’s dry when I finish work. But by the time I get to the bus it’s raining. I have a choice. Continue onto pizza and get wet, or head home and get wet. Pizza wins.

Gluten free, vegan pizza. Kipfler potato chip. Followed up with vegan, gluten free donuts. Yum. But oh so full.

It’s curious. I was mad on Thursday at having to spend $60 to buy all that food to make meals for the week. But tonight I have cheerfully spent $28 on just one meal.



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